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HISTORY: Prehistoric Synchrony, Africa, Asia Minor, British Isles, Burma, Cambodia, Central America, Central Asia; Ceylon; China; Christianity; Egypt; Greece; India; Indonesia; Japan; Korea; Laos; Malaya; Middle East; Nepal; North America; Philippines; Rome; South Anerica; Southeast Asia; Thailand - Siam; Tibet; Vietnam; are found in the Index
WAR On DRUGS is Essay number 3.
1934 DeSoto is Essay number 4.
Our World is Ending is Essay number 5.
The KORAN: It is Essay number 6.

Here is some of a collection of a lifetime of curious inquiry. There are histories that have been accumulated over many years of study. There are books I have written; published both on line and by myself. The essays are comments on various aspects of our civilization and other things. As you can see from the unfinished histories, this is still a page under construction.

Most of the contents of this site have been available in print format. But technology has caught up with production, so everything is being converted so that they can be stored on CD. So for awhile, things will be in flux as the transition is being made. Those files that are placed on CD, can be read on line and downloadable. They can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader, free from Adobe.com. Their's more info on the CDs than are on these files, so if you want to see it, let me know and I can e-mail it to you.

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CASSANDRA SPEAKS: The Trojans didn't listen to Priam's daughter, and the people of today aren't listening to those who fortell disaster if we don't change our ways, and quickly! With global warming, peak oil with looming water and food shortages coming together in a "perfect storm," I want here to present a series of articles that addresses this situation that humanity finds itself mired in because of it. Can we do anything about it? Can our technology find a way to survive it? They are all included in Essay #5 below with some of my commentary. Of course there's always my Rant that, well, I'll let you decide. You can reply or comment to Cassandra@sleepinbuff.com


The histories are detailed histories of those areas not adequately covered by Western historical works. Whether you refer to the Cambridge Ancient or Medieval History, the Story of Civilization by Will and later Ariel Durant, An Outline of History by H. G. Wells, or almost any other work of general history, and especially An Encyclopedia of History edited and compiled by William L. Langer for which these histories are designed to compliment, there are many countries of the world that are only cursorily covered. Some of these histories have more information on file. If you would like to view some, contact Sleepinbuff for information at:


Prehistoric SynchronyAfricaAsia Minor
British IslesBurmaCambodiaCentral America
Central AsiaCeylonChinaChristianity
Middle EastNepalNorth AmericaPhilippines
RomeSouth AmericaSouth East AsiaThailand

Prehistoric Synchrony

Traces human prehistory from earliest man before leaving Africa, through the Ice Ages and various cultures to the beginnings of history at different times in different countries. There are many maps and charts. The chronology is keyed to the charts. This is a huge file and can be viewed in PDF. It is available on CD, which also includes the Appendices and Bibliography. I have included an Addendum that replaces Chart 1 with an updated genealogy of man and map 11 showing the spread of mankind from Africa based on the National Geographic Genographic project.

History of Africa

A new entry made up of pre-colonial kingdoms excluding Egypt. There is a section on Ancient North African nations outside the Egyptian sphere of influence. Much of this has been included in the Prehistoric Synchrony but I feel they deserve their own section. Generally the file begins around 1,000 CE. The section on ancient nations begins when they emerged into history. Maps. In PDF.

Ancient North African nationsChronologyChartSome African KingsMaps
History of Asia Minor

History of Asia Minor from after the Hittites to the Roman conquest. Contains list of rulers, maps, genealogical charts and extensive notes. In PDF.

Outline HistoriesKinglistNotesGenealogical ChartsMaps
History of the British Isles

While British history is quite detailed, it is surprising how cursorily covered is the early history. This file covers Britain, Ireland, Scotland and Wales from their mythical beginnings to the "union" of Wales with Britain. Extensive list of rulers, charts and maps. In PDF.

History of Burma

History of Burma to the end of the First British War. List of kings, dynastic chart and maps. In PDF.

RulersChronologyDynastic ChartMaps
History of Cambodia

History of Cambodia withlist of rulers and diagrams of Angor. Maps are in the Southeast Asia file. In PDF.

RulersChronologyGenealogical ChartsMaps
History of Central America

History of Central America from perhistoric times to the conquest of the Maya. List of rulers using the latest information on decipering the Maya hieroglyphs. In PDF.

RulersSynchronastic ChartChronologyAppendixMaps
History of Central Asia

History of the vast area east of Russia, north of India and west of China. King lists are incomplete. Many maps. In PDF.

RulersHistoryBase MapsMapsMap SourcesNotes
History of Ceylon

I have completely redone Ceylon's history. Ceylon became Sri Lanka in 1978. Here is a list of Rulers from when rule came down from India. The history is, like all others on this site, in the form of a Chronology. The sole map from before has now become quite a few Maps. I have left the Appendix the same. Soon an outline of Ceylon's culture will be added.

History of China

History of China from earliest times to the present. Complete list of rulers. List of reign names. Genealogical charts of the last two dynasties (Ming and Ch'ing). Chart showing the consolidation of the 16-kingdoms time. Many maps. This is a large file and is in PDF.

RulersChronologyReigns; 316-349ChartsTable of Reign TitlesMaps
History of Christianity

History of Christianity from its beginnings to the present. Includes Judaism, since it contains the roots of Christianity and is tied inextricably with it. The beginnings of Islam and some of its philosophical developments are included, since Mohammed is considered a prophet that came after Jesus. Part One is from prehistoric beginnings to the tenth century, covering the rise of Islam, and ends with the Vatican "pornocracy". Part Two follows through the crusades and ends after the Protestant reformation. Part Three covers the counter-reformation and the political demise of the Vatican to 1899. Part Four carries from 1900 to the present, through two world wars, the holocaust and the Lateran Treaty with its subsequent scandals. Throughout are followed other Christian related denomenations - Freemasons, Illuminati, Rosicrucians, Mormons, Christian Scientists, Adamites (forerunners of modern nudism) and others. Also followed throughout are Biblical development, that is, its evolution through various revisions and printings. Of course the many schisms and interpretative breakaways that plagued the Church are included. The Appendices are referenced throughout and include a fairly extensive list of the known Bible manuscripts. All are pdf files. To make it easier to find your way around in all of this, here is an index that will help. Here also is a list of all popes, metropolitans and other Christian officals. I have added something new, the best account of the Origins of Christianity I've ever seen.

History of Egypt

One of my favorite subjects, so I've probably gone a little overboard. This covers Egypt from predynastic times to the last dynasty, the Ptolmaic. Included is a pretty decent history divided into five parts: Part One covers the pre-dynastic era through the First Intermediate Period, Part Two covers the Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period, Part Three is the New Kingdom, Part Four covers the Late Period and Part Five is from the Second Persian to the end of the Ptolmaic Period.

King ListGenealogical ChartsNomes with Maps
Major Pyramid ChartSome Tomb DetailsValley of Kings Map

If you wish to dig deeper, Appendix A is a comparative dynastic chart. Here also is my A Note on Determining Dates describing how I established the dates. As described in it is a Dynasty Digest that is a digest of Appendix A and the Dynastic Plot which is a plot of Appendix A. There are many dating schemes in existence and determining what is the actual scheme has yet to be done. I have tried to do that here being thorough as possible. Errors may yet exist but, as with most of the files in the Histories section, they are never finished.

History of Greece

"Greece from Myth to History" is this file's title. It ties mythical stories with the Dorian invasion and the eventual emergence into history. List of the Athenian archons and ephors of Sparta, both with notes.

Genealogical ChartsHistorySpartan Genealogy
History of India

This unfinished file covers India's history from the Aryan invasion to the end of the Gupta empire, about 300CE. NOTE: At this time this file is undergoing a massive reconstruction that covers all of India's history. To be available soon. What is here is in PDF.

History ChartsGenealogical Charts

History of Indonesia

History of the country with king list and maps. In PDF.

History of Japan

This section begins with Japan's prehistory. After that, the chronological history is in two parts, part one ends just before 1600. Part two takes Japan from 1800 to the end of World War II. There are genealogical charts of the Imperial and other notable families. This imperial family list is keyed to the ruler's genealogical chart. Accompanying the rulers is this list of Court officials and era names. Here is a complete list of era names. This series of maps depict various geographic structures at certain times. Finally, here is a list of artists, writers and other noted personalities most of whom are mentioned in the chronology.

History of Korea

History from the earliest times to the present. Complete list of rulers. Many maps and a chart of the Yi dynasty. In PDF.

RulersChronologyNotes to chronologyGenealogical ChartsYi DynastyMaps
History of Laos

History and list of rulers. Maps are included in Southeast Asia file. In PDF.

KingsChronologyGenealogical chartArea map
History of Malaya

Malay history from 1300. List of rulers and a few maps. Major maps are included in Southeast Asia file. In PDF.

Some RulersChronological HistoryGenealogical ChartLocal Maps
History of the Middle East

History of the region, including the Hittites are keyed to extensive king list charts ranging from 3100 BCE to the Persian conquest. Notes are incomplete, ending about 1200 BCE. Since the region's countries disappeared with the Persian-Alexandrian conquest, a general survey is planned to extend to the present day after they had been recreated in 1920. Unknown when it will be completed.

History of Nepal

History and list of rulers. One map. In PDF.

RulersChronological HistoryAppendicesMap
History of North America

This history is large and complicated. This management page will sort it all out. All files are PDF.

History of the Philippines

History and list of governors. Some maps. In PDF.

List of GovernorsChronological HistoryMaps
History of Rome

Roman history is well documented. What this file contains is the complete list of consuls with notes. All that is available at this time in hardcopy is the list of consuls. Unknown when it will be here.

History of South America

Nothing yet on this one. Beyond a list of Inca and other rulers, no plans have been made.

History of South East Asia

Only the Maps are available for now. A general history of the region with a synchronastic chart are planned. Detailed histories are found in the files for the region's various countries.

History of Thailand

History from ancient times to the present. Complete list of rulers. Maps are included in Southeast Asia file. In PDF.

RulersChronological History
History of Tibet

History, list of rulers and religious leaders. In PDF.

RulersHistorySuccession of Religious Schools
History of Vietnam

List of rulers to the present. History from the earliest times to through the Vietnam War. I have included the full text of the 1954 Agreement on the Cessation of Hostilities that ended the French occupation. In PDF.

RulersHistoryThe US's Vietnam War1954 Agreement


Genesis Was Right
Our Ending Dark Age
Bible Study Book
Religion! Politics! Reality! Poetry
Our Ending Dark Age

Our future can turn out in one of several ways, and it is humanity that must make the decision of which one it will be. Only one will be truly to mankind's advantage. Why this is so is the thrust of Our Ending Dark Age. Its premise is that when humans began using tools, we began to separate from nature. The long process of going from nature to separating from nature is our Dark Age, or Age of Adjustment. Mankind's best future is that wherein he is completely separate from nature.

This book analyzes why this is so, as humankind's biology, psychology, evolution, economics, education, entrepreneurship and society are examined. This is done using the platform of history as the tie that holds all of these seemingly divergent subjects together. The role religion and opinion play in deciding the course of civilization is examined. The reader is then taken on an excursion that begins with the cellular bases of human anatomy, the meaning of Soul and Spirit, and traces history from our hunter-gatherer days to the magnificent future that awaits us if we put our mind to it.

ISBN: 0-595-14434-9

May still be available at BarnesNoble.com or Borders.com. Is available at iuniverse.com; $10.95. There is an updated version that includes a New Epilogue (which can be viewed below as Essay No. 1).

Bible Study Book

The Bible Study Book, third edition (revised), is still available at Amazon and Barns and Noble. A fourth edition is in the works. It can be accessed on line; email me to read it.

Religion! Politics! Reality! Poetry

This collection of poems was written in the years 1979 to 1989. It constitutes two periods of writing; the early poems are of "syllabic" meter - lines of syllabic equivalency but awkward pronounceability. There is a "transition period" during 1982 where the poetic form was changing. After a year break, writing again began in the winter of 1983. This later period was remarkable in that the rhyme and meter came in an automatic symbiosis, resulting in some really good poems. It was almost spiritual in the way the two came together, providing a sense of awe as the brain formulated and the hand wrote them down.

During the late '80's, the flame began to burn out, and by late '88 and early '89, poetry creation again became labored. The spark had gone. Why did this happen? This has always been a torment for I came to love the writing of poetry. My ideals were Ben Jonson and Alexander Pope; it was their character I tried to capture in my writings. But why did the flame die out when there was still a long list of things to write about on my subject sheet?

Perhaps alcoholism is the key. With the heavy drinking that went on during the late '70's came much guilt and concomitant emotions. For some reason this brought out a great upwelling of various other emotions that emerged in a desire to be expressed poetically. So it began. The love of the depiciton of humanity, of the environment, of political history, of futuristic ideas, of ties to the past, and of love of the immediate things with which I was familiar came to the fore. Poetic expression became the most poignant way to express these emotions.

Poetry became the vehicle by which the vast panoply of the world view in which all things are related and could be unitarily expressed. It was a way in which the beauty of human experience could be amalgamated with the world in which humanity lived to provide a "world view" in all things and all experiences. It was this interrelationship of all diverse experience into the universal oneness of human existence throughout history that drove this desire to be expressed in the universal voice of poetry.

But as alcoholism became less unrestrained - though not eliminated - it seemed so too the ability to express the world in poetic terms faded with it. It is a sorely felt loss. Perhaps with the publication of these poems from this fruitful period the spark can be rekindled. Perhaps then another era - a sober era - of poetic expression can begin, satisfying a great love of the human spiritual unity with the world in which he dwells.


Any questions or commets? Please contact me at historynut@sleepinbuff.com


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